Ruth’s Chris Steak House – The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina

RDC 001

The first Meat Up of The Dubai Meat Club took place at the swanky Address Hotel in Dubai Marina at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. The name’s a bit of a mouthful but then so are the steaks!

The place has a nice bar where you can collect and hang out before you get seated at your table. It’s quite warm and casual and I suspect you can just go there and chill out with a couple of beers as well without having to make a dinner reservation. So that’s quite nice.

But we were there to sample US Prime Cuts and pretty soon the guys started looking out for the Maître D’ in search of our table. We had reserved a table on the terrace hoping to catch the last few days of good Dubai weather and at first it seemed like we had made a good choice.

While the weather was brilliant there was a decided lack of lighting where we sat which was a slight inconvenience. It made reading the menus a tad tough and more importantly you couldn’t see the food clearly.

But that’s a minor point and I think, if pointed out, the management should be able to address that.

Anyway, on to the food and wine.

Since we were all there for the steaks a bottle of Wild Rock from New Zealand was the evening’s pick. Part Malbec, part Merlot it was full bodied and a touch dry and actually very good! It worked well with the seafood starters as well as the steaks so it comes highly recommended!

RDC 002

We decided to each go with a starter and main of which there was a very decent variety. I ordered the seared Aahi Tuna on a bed of Wasabi sauce which was pretty much cooked to perfection. The tangy wasabi sauce and the pickled vegetables worked perfectly with each other.

The others at the table ordered a selection of differently cooked shellfish. There was Mushrooms & Crab Meatballs, Ceviche, Voodo Prawns and Barbecue Prawns being shared and consumed and each starter was received quite well.

RDC 004

We were also served a complimentary Tuna fillet and a Beef Carpacio on a bed of rocket leaves both of which went down quite well. All in all I thought the starters were reasonably priced (for a 5 Star establishment) and were quite flavorful.

The Beef fillet was a huge hit at our table with 8 out of 10 ordering that while two others ordered a Rib Eye and the New York Strip. The steaks arrived in unison on a bed of sizzling butter and super hot plates and, with my creamed spinach on the side, I got ready to tuck in.

RDC 003

As I dug into my thick portion of fat-free fillet I realized my meat was a bit over done. I like my steaks medium but this one erred on the side of medium-well which made the meat slightly tough to chew. Everyone at the table seemed to have the same problem. One of us ordered it rare and thought his was medium.

I’m not sure whether this happened in the kitchen or that they were served on plates so hot that the meat kept cooking while it was being served.

But having said that the steaks were juicy and well seasoned with a beautiful char on the outside. The sides were delicious and worked well with the meats. And the Wild Rock wine was the perfect accompaniment.

The staff were friendly and knowledgable and ensured that our glasses were always full (which is the first thing I judge a restaurant on!). In fact when told about the meat being slightly over our server looked mortified and immediately rushed into the kitchen to deliver the news to the chef.

All in all it was quite a pleasant evening. We liked the place a lot. I think if they resolve the lighting issue on the terrace and maybe slightly tweak the level of wellness on the meats I think we have a winner.