KitchenSo the other day we were just chilling and minding our own business when our Dubai Meat Club Instagram went *ding*

Now we normally don’t get excited when someone tags us but this image was different. It looked like a wooden board in the shape of a bull with literally mounds of different cooked meat sitting on it staring at us lustily.

And underneath it words that I will forever remember : “Hey Dubai Meat Club! You guys wanna come try this?”

Now that’s just like waving a red flag in front of a bull. In this case waving The Bull in front of the Dubai Meat Club.

The eager beavers that we are we immediately set up an appointment to face The Bull in what is, we truly believe, one of Dubai’s most stylish night spot, Q43 over at Media One Hotel.

We rocked up nice and early (having skipped lunch!) and were met at the door by Karin Forsgren, Q43’s Communication Manager, and the person responsible for seducing us with that Instagram picture.

Perched on the 43rd floor the restaurant overlooks the city and boasts awesome views. But the view is not the only good thing about this place.

The interior decor is absolutely gorgeous. New York style classy lounge meets upmarket restaurant. I don’t quite know how to explain it but it felt classy and homely at the same time. This is a place where you will find an investment banker dressed in his Armani suit sitting at the same table with an art director wearing shorts and flip flops. And the cool thing is neither one looks out of place.

But the centerpiece of attraction in that place are their super chic pool tables. Yup, that’s right. Pool tables which look like they were stolen from Versace’s mansion. The picture below doesn’t do them justice. I’m pretty sure they had a separate fund for these things because they look pricey. And they don’t just have one. They have maybe EIGHT of these bad boys complete with black cloth and sleek cues.

These pool tables are worth the price of admission alone.

They have a little dance floor for when things get frisky later on at night. They also have an awesome private dining area with a couple of the same stylish pool tables which you can book for private events.

But let’s face it. No matter how nicely decorated the place may be it’s the food that reigns supreme. And that’s what we were there for.

Seated next to the window we soaked in the brilliant Dubai skyline in the night lights (make sure you insist on sitting next to the window when you go – you’ll thank us).

OK. OK. The food. The Bull.


Here it was!

Served on a wooden block in the shape of a bull it had the following TWO KILOS of meat on it. Beef Ribs. Sausages. Flank Steak. And the mightiest Tomahawk I have ever seen. It’s a bit overwhelming to look at it but your primal instincts kick in and you let go. And this is what it looks like!


No joke. One of our members couldn’t hold back and went all Flintsone on the food. It was both amusing and scary to watch.

The meats were served with some lovely choice of sauces. There was peppercorn and a ridiculously awesome red Arabic dip which was so spicy. On the sides were freshly salted deep fried chips and a completely ignored garden salad.

We had ordered all the meats cooked medium. The Flank Steak was tender, juicy and melted in your mouth. It tasted great with the spicy sauce!

The sausages were nice and flavorful and the spicy sauce added to them as well.

The Tomahawk was a touch under (temperature wise) and erred on rare. I don’t mind rare my self but we have some finicky members and they would have liked the Tomahawk cooked a bit more. Having said that the seasoning was perfect and the char outside was really delicious.

But the star of that dish were the Beef Ribs (remnants of which can be seen in the picture above). So tender they were falling off the massive bones. Touch of smoke with a barbecue glaze and cooked to perfection. I have had a lot of ribs in my life but these were very close to the top!

After ploughing our way through two kilos of meat we sat back satisfied with the days’ work with just one question on our minds. What would make this great meal absolutely sublime?


Now I know we’re the Dubai Meat Club but everyone has a soft spot for dessert and we’re no exception.

There was a lovely New York style Cheesecake, a gooey Chocolate Fondant, a moist Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream and, my pick of the day, Black Sesame Creme Brûlée.

While the other desserts were very nice it was this Black Brûlée which melted my heart. Such delicate flavors served up so magnificently!

Finally, we were satisfied!

Let me tell you something. Q43 is not only a ridiculously stylish place to chill out with some friends they have an amazing dining experience too. Set in the heart of everything that is cool (sorry DIFC!) they might just have a gold mine on their hands. Here’s hoping we don’t see a drop in quality (like so many other Dubai haunts) because I want this place to be my weekly hangout.

Till next time!