Prime Steakhouse – Meydan Hotel

01  Main Restaurant

Alright! Dubai Meat Club is back with a bang! We had to take a little hiatus and do a bit of soul searching (read put together a list of steakhouses we wanted to attack!) but now we’re back in full force. And what better way to kick start this months’ review than the uber awesome Prime Steakhouse at Meydan Hotel.

And here’s a little secret. A little birdie told me that their steaks are a personal favorite of none other than the man himself, HH Sheikh Mohammed. If that’s true then I have to tell you he has awesome taste because the food in this place is bordering on sublime. Seriously.

Overlooking the racecourse the steakhouse, which is open only for dinner, guarantees stunning views during the races. When the races are not on it guarantees stunning steaks.

We were seated by the window (best place to be) amid the extremely opulent interiors where the centerpiece is a glistening white Grand Piano. Obediently we sank into the comfy chairs and awaited our fate at the hands of the extremely talented Chef Mohannad.

02  Beef Carpaccio

He started us off with probably my favorite starter of all time, the beef carpaccio. Now I’m a huge fan of this dish and it needs to be done absolutely right in order for me to really love it. And it was. Tender and creamy it was topped with a nice fresh salad and lovely parmesan shavings.

03  Crab Cakes

04  Duck Liver

Accompanying the carpaccio was a plate of crab cakes and the creamiest, most velvety, duck liver pate I have ever had. For real. It was like butter as I spread it over my lightly toasted brioche.

The tasty food aside each dish was a work of visual art. It’s reassuring to see attention to detail not only to food preparation but presentation as well. As they say you eat with your eyes first.

Of course no matter how good the starters may be they don’t define the restaurant and so, once we were done, we started looking around for the real reason we were there.

06  Main Course

And there they were!

Four cuts of the juiciest steaks on the menu. First up there was the perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked Wagyu Sirloin. Followed by the equally delicious Ribe Eye and Tenderloin. Lastly we made a trip west for a chunk of delectable US Prime.

The perfectly cooked steaks were tender and juicy and we finally were able to understand why Dubai’s Royalty has a soft spot for this place.

To make matters even more interesting we were given our choice of colorful steak knives to choose from as well!

05  Knives

By the time we were done with the mains we were feeling decidedly satisfied with the outcome of the evening. However, the kitchen had one more surprise in store for us. Actually there were five more surprises.

Macadamia Pie
07  Macadema Pie

Chocolate Mousse
08  Chocolate Mousse

Creme Brûlée
09  Creme Brulee

Lemon Tart
10  Lemon Tart

And finally the Cheesecake
11  Cheesecake

I have never really eaten so much in my life or since then. But every bite was totally worth it.

The Prime Steakhouse is one of those places where the real fun is taking someone there for the first time and watch them getting blown away!